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Default Re: 6 volt condensor

The function of a cap, condenser or capacitor (tomato toMAto) keeps the breaker points from prematurely pitting or building a mound. This reduces the open distance between the points which you set intentionally with your gauge. The caps value, in farads (microfarad, picofarad, mfd, mmfd, pfd etc) is determined experimentally by the coil manufacturer.

Coils and Capacitors are the opposite of each other electrically. The coils inductance needs to be neutralized by the capacitors reactance soas to keep the spark AT the points from going more to one electrode than the other. Perhaps you have seen the spark at a demo using a clear plastic distributor. Lacking that you can observe your own engine's cap and breaker point results with the passage of time.

Start with a cap which comes with the points. Later when it comes time to do a 'tune up' note whether the points have become quite pitted or a mound of metal has built up on one side. Therein lies the clue whether to keep or change the caps value.

Back in the day, one simply filed down the aberation built up on the points but points are cheap now so we just buy new ones. So, observe your used points and if the pitting etc is minor, stick with the value of cap you've got as it's doing it appointed job, protecting the points. Oh yes, read and note the side of the caps metal case for it's value such as 0.068 mfd

Hopefully you won't need to increase or decrease the capacitance. Of course your lost at this juncture, trying to engineer the ignition system, so just keep the same cap or the one which the guy selling you points has.
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