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Default Re: Timing gear oiling?

Originally Posted by Ideucev8 View Post
I have heard of this been done on 8BAs when using the early timing gears as they change the thrust to against the block face. With the 8BA not getting oil to this area like the early blocks get from the little flat on the relief vale plunger.
While the early cam gear tooth pitch will in effect put the thrust towards the block this changes once the oil idler gear comes into the equation driving the oil pump gear. I have found the early cam gear will still push forward. Look at any early front cover and you will see the wear pattern from the cam gear being thrust forward.
So to answer the original post question additional oiling on the block face its a waste of time and not needed. The 8BA cam design already has the proper oiling provision making no difference if the cam gear is any early late type since both types of gears put the thrust forward. I have spend a lot of time dissecting the Flathead Ford oiling system as i increased the engines performance {HP} way beyond its original design. Cam gear oiling is more than adaquit to well over 6 times the stock HP.
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