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Default Re: Transmission gear/shaft question

Originally Posted by AGBill View Post
Snyders - if you read these posts, you need to do the following:

1. Take all the shafts in stock to a local machine shop and have them remove a few thousandths off the outside diameter of the shaft. Bring along an original sliding gear that the shop can use as a (go/no go) gage for the proper diameter. After the shafts have been modified, put them back on the shelf for sale to customers.

2. Change the existing fabrication drawing for the shaft by reducing the drawing maximum dimension for the outside diameter by 0.003 - 0.004 thousandths. This will prevent future batches of the shaft from having the same problem.

Keep your customers happy!
On the other hand, it is possible that the vendors' main shafts are sized to match the gears they sell and are not to the original Ford specs.

Also, I have found that even a new and unused NOS Ford main shaft may well be too loose when mounted with used original Ford gears. In that case, the slightly oversized repop main shaft is a good thing because you can chamfer it down to achieve a close fit for better performance. Call it making lemonade from lemons.

I have also found that original Ford gears may not mix well with repop gears - noisy or jumping out of gear - and it is usually best to install all the gears in one case with one source or the other.
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