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Default Re: Transmission gear/shaft question

There is a Ford service bulletin that states there should be .002 clearance between the shaft and the two slider gears. The bulletin went on to say that when replacing any one of the three parts, they all should be replaced as a matched set. One would think that Henry Ford hired Henry Aldridge to sit in the stock room and match up shafts and gears. It was also a good way to increase parts sales. Whatever was the case, Henry Aldridge would have retired years ago, and today there is no such thing as a matched set from a supplier.

When I put a transmission together I check to make sure the slider gears move on the shaft freely and without a lot of slop. It is very difficult to get a match with reproduction parts.

Before I would buy a reproduction main shaft I would have the original that works well with the slider gears repaired. The worn front end bearing surface can be machined down and hardened drill bushings of the proper size pressed on. This is not a difficult machine shop process. Jim's Automotive Services in Costa Mesa, CA 714-546-2969 provides this service.

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