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Default Re: 1954 engine swap 8 cyl to 6 cyl

Originally Posted by MMB View Post
Odd man out here, I prefer the 215/223 over any Y-block.
Yeah, a 223 is fine as long as you don't need to get on a 70mph highway via a short, uphill entrance ramp (taking your life in your own hands).

Originally Posted by MMB View Post
The exhaust on both is on the right side of the truck.
True, the single exhaust Y-block has the exhaust header outlet on the right (passenger) side. But the 215's and 223's have the exhaust manifold on the driver side. I don't know if the factory crossed the exhaust header under the oil pan to the right side on trucks, but on cars the exhaust ran straight down on the left side.

Originally Posted by MMB View Post
but the generator location varies side to side.
I had a 215 years ago and still own two 223's (one is a '55 and the other is a '58). All have the generator in the same place at the lower left front. There is no bosses in the castings to allow the generator to be mounted on the right side (unless they modified the block casting in later years).
If the truck is a 1954, you wouldn't want a 215 because it had the motor mounts in a different location than the 223. You should not need to do any frame modifications for the motor mounts if you swapped to a 223.

I'm not familiar with the '54/55/56 truck frames and wonder if you might need a rear sump oil pan to clear the truck frame crossover pipe.
Another consideration is that if swapping to a 6cyl, you might be forced to get a radiator for a 6cyl because the side mounting brackets may be different positioning the radiator more forward. This was done on the car models because the 6cyl engine block is longer than the Y-block. Plus you do have the mismatched radiator hose sizes to think about too, which would be cleared up if you got a 6cyl radiator.
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