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Default Re: 1954 engine swap 8 cyl to 6 cyl

My 55 ford station wagon origionaly had a V8 272 when I first got it.Had a standard 3 speed tranny on it.The 272 was in bad shape,knocking real bad. My next door neighbor worked for one of the best reputable garages here in town and told me that he had just rebuilt a 302 completely.He said everything was new other than the block. I talked to a friend of mine that worked for a transmission shop here in town.He said he had a C4 and that his boss had just gone tru it completely. I went ahead and bought the C4,the 302 from my neighbor,and put them both on my wagon. We had to make few minor changes but at the end,it worked great.Its been a good little cruiser,other than the problem I am having now with the radiator. So,all in all,i would also recommend a 302 with an automatic tranny.
Just my opinion.
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