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Default Re: 1954 engine swap 8 cyl to 6 cyl

Originally Posted by tquigley View Post
The Y block I have needs a total overhaul. Many rebuild parts are unavailable. . . .
If it's a '54 engine I was told the same thing. If it's '55 or newer parts are not too hard to get.
A machine shop in your area familiar with Y-blocks may be hard to find. Sit down first if you ask them for a rebuild price estimate.
Originally Posted by 40 Deluxe View Post
. . . . Which Y block is in your F100? It could be anything after 64 years! A 239, 254, 272, 292, or 312. . . .
Find the '6015' engine block casting number and look it up on this chart, there are photos of where to find it...

If the truck has a manual transmission I'll guess the V8 vs. straight 6 clutch linkage is different too.


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