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Default Re: 1954 engine swap 8 cyl to 6 cyl

As mentioned, you will need a 6 cyl. truck bellhousing (I'm quite sure a car one won't work) and likely radiator. Since the six is a longer engine, the radiator may mount in a different location or use a different shroud. The truck front engine mount as well, and throttle linkage for the six. And wiring harness. And exhaust. If I remember right, the V8 exhaust system is on the right side of the truck, and the six exhaust is on the left. Do the sixes you found have distributor, manifolds, carburetor, starter and misc. brackets?
Which Y block is in your F100? It could be anything after 64 years! A 239, 254, 272, 292, or 312. All will interchange. Which six are you looking at? A 215 or a 223? Or maybe the rare big truck 262?
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