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Default Re: 1954 engine swap 8 cyl to 6 cyl

You might need a different radiator and a different header pipe for the exhaust. The transmission will fit many different bell housings. You should keep the clutch and disk from your old V8. It should fit the 6 flywheel. You will need to check the pilot bearing from the 6 to see if it will match the input shaft on your transmission so you don't have any grief during installation.
I understand you don't know much about the V8's used in these trucks but any any Ford Y-block will work in your truck and the 292 is the most common. They were available all the way through 1964.
I would look a for a good used one or even a rebuilt one someone is selling. With a little time and patience I'm sure you could find a good one for a reasonable price.
1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan 292 V8 with Ford-o-Matic
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