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Default Engine running like crap

Iíve been driving the í29 without any problem, but the day before yesterday it started but sounded like it was running on two cylinders. I checked everything from spark plugs wires to coil connection and even checked to see if the carb was leaking. It wasnít. I used an ignition tester light to see if I was getting spark to all plugs. I was.

I called our club president, and he said that it sounded like a blown head-gasket. I agreed, so I re-torqued that head. It was fine.

I started it up again and it still ran like crap. So, I said hell with it and did something else that needed to be done.

The next day, I went out there and just looked at everything. Low and behold, the choke lever was no longer in the collar on the gas control rod. Somehow it had dropped off and that choke valve was just a fluttering away in the carb. I put it back where it should be and started the A. Lots of smoke at first, but then it smoothed out.

Iím going to pull all the plugs and clean them because I know they are horribly sooted up. I just thought Iíd share this experience so maybe someone else wouldnít have to go through all the crap that I did if the same thing happened to their car. Check that choke lever first.

Such a simple fix after so much so much frustration is sort of the story of my life.

Have a good one,

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