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Default Lever shock ID experts please step up!

Iím immersed in a multi-year restoration of a 36 3 Window coupe. There are no shock rebuilders, of this era and type, in Canada, of which Iím aware. The currency-converted cost of four rebuilt shocks, plus freight both way, of cores and finished shocks would be about $1600 Canadian dollars. Taxes additional. Iím been trying to justify a tube shock kit, instead, at half the cost, if not less.

In the interim, I continue to trip over shocks that have been taking up room in my shop for decades. Who can help me identify exactly what I have stocked up. Iím no expert!

Speaking of not being an expert, can I email or text the photo I have taken of these shocks to someone smart and obtain assistance to load it in appropriate size/dimensions.

Thanks in advance. Ron
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