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Default Re: Light switch rod and steering box need help

Originally Posted by Vanspeed View Post
I believe all the light switch rods are the same diameter as I have a 29 A light switch rod and it is the same diameter as my 35 light switch rod. Are the plates 78-3597 difficult to find? I don’t ever see them for sale.
Check with Barnfind08, he may have them or know where to get one.

This might be helpful, it was posted by Tom Mason:

"Bottom electrical hook-up - A couple of things. First, in order to handle your lighting bulb you need to use a '37-'39 tube and plate assembly (78-3597) along with that a bail spring (78-3647) and a '37-'39 light bracket (78-3569). You cannot use a '35-'36 assembly (different bolt arrangement). There are a couple of repo tube and plate assemblies being sold. In both cases I found the tube section (which was steel) to be too thick to fit inside the steering shaft opening, so you may be stuck trying to find a good original, if you don't have one. Incidentally, check closely where the brass tube meets the steel plate. It is not unusual that cracks occur in this location. If not addressed you will have a gear oil leak. The smaller light bracket which the lighting bulb fits into is not being reproduced (that I am aware of). However, you can still use a '35-'36 bracket. It will bolt on to the bottom of the '37-'40 gear assembly but you need to re-slot it to accept the lighting bulb."

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