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I have never used Ford branded fluids since they tend to charge more and it was more convenient to go to my Uncle's auto parts store. I've always purchased aftermarket lubricants.

When the C6 came out, it changed things at Ford. They were getting closer to being able to use the same fluids across the board since so many C6s were put into service. I've had my share of GM products and I use aftermarket Dexron labeled products in them. ATF products have changed about as much as motor oils and most folks don't know what motor oil to use either. Most all transmissions are made the same way now days. There are so many 4 & 5 speed electric automatics in service that they about have to use the same ATF. The foreign made cars are the ones you have to check now. There are some odd ball fluids for those. Even a lot of manual transmissions went to ATF.

If you want to see some BS just look up Dexron. It makes Mercon seem tame. It came out at the same time as Ford Type F.

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