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Default Re: Engine Bearing Shims

What ever they had when new, will not work the way they did. The reason being being is the amount of filing that has been done, on the part lines, that will leave you short, in the amount of shims, needed. We normally use .032.

If you want the exact amount needed, the only way you can do that is set up each cap on the bare block, with bare caps, that is no babbitt, and measure, up, and down, and side ways and make the hole round with shims, until it is. The caps have to be fit to the block, and not rock, at all.

Now you know how many shims it needs, at this point. When you pour the three caps, they will warp some again. So now clean the babbitt, NO part line metal, and Mic from the part line, to the top of the bolt hole in the cap, then level the caps again, and measure the caps a second time, and if what ever difference, say .003, add that figure to your shim pack amount, and you will have the right amount of shims.

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