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Default Re: What do you think about these temps and why?

Originally Posted by TinCup View Post
I would not rely on that temp gauge. I have seen too many bad ones around here. I went through two of them before ditching them for a mechanical SW gauge.
I had a SunPro mechanical Temp gauge that read ~15F Hot. I replaced it with a Stewart Warner mechanical gauge and have had no problems. I like the 270 sweep gauge because it is easier to read (for me) and is accurate.

Originally Posted by Bob Bidonde View Post
Move your front license plate down to the bumper so it does not block air flow into the radiator. A Model A rear tail-lamp bracket is convenient for this purpose.
I was working on my car's radiator just last week (crack in top tank) and took it for a test drive before reinstalling the license plate (one of the BIG CA originals). I was amazed how much cooler it ran without the plate, 10-20F. Some may have been because I still had the hood off also.

I'm looking into a different mounting position. Right now I'm driving without the plate. Bob, Thanks for the tip on using a rear tail-lamp bracket.

'30 Briggs Town Sedan
And once again that is just my 1 worth.

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