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Default Re: fun day with un expected bonus

Originally Posted by Beater View Post
rodding out cleaning the tubes at the rad shop pushing rods through the tubes cant do that on honeycomb
IIRC, the Honeycomb is made up of "strips" which are soldered together to make full tubes and then formed in a press to the zig-zag shape of the honeycomb.

A rod will not pass from one end to the other because of the zig-zag, and the strip construction is prone to leak either in freezing - or simply "solder corrosion" of the joint which all 60-40 solders are prone to.

I have had my honeycomb boiled out, created a few leaks in doing so, repaired the leaks, only to find a few more until it got set aside.

Everything has a life - the honeycomb deserved a rest. I will give it credit though - even before boiling, the car never boiled over.

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