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Default Re: FE 390 oil related questions

Originally Posted by KULTULZ View Post

15W-40 is too heavy of an oil for a street engine (unless it is worn) (IMO). Think 10W-30, maybe 10W-40 for a hot climate.

If the oil is VR-1, no need for a ZDDP booster.

Thanks for the input, KULTULZ. I think I'll start with changing out the oil to 10w 30 and see what happens. 10w 30 is always what I used in my first cars back in the 1970's, which were all V 8's. That was always my standard until I started getting into "old" cars and motorcycles 17 or 18 years ago. My Ranch Wagon has never had the engine rebuilt, has 66k miles, needs valve seals most likely, and the 15w 40 keeps pretty good pressure in that engine.

I started the T-Bird again this morning, and again at cold start up pegged the needle at 100+ psi. It'll be interesting to see what hot oil pressure readings will be with 10w 30.
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