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Question Re: FE 390 oil related questions

The new gauge immediately pegged the needle at 100 plus psi at idle. I was actually alarmed. I did the work in my garage which was close to 60 degrees today, so not real cold. I had changed the oil and filter, so I thought maybe the filter was creating a problem and I changed it, again. Still the same. Because of circumstances I actually had two of these gauges, so I changed the gauge - still 100 + psi.

Then I drove the car around because the pressure always comes down with use and heat. After a good while I was getting 60 - 70 psi on the highway. Hovering around 20 at idle in gear and about 30 with slightly high idle out of gear. Oil pressure warning light working good, glowing brightly at about 16 or 17 psi and below.

What weight oil (and type) are you using and what brand oil filter?

Has anyone been in the engine lately? You sure you don't have a street 427MR in that BIRD?

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