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While it is true that the great majority of standard issued pick-up trucks came with the spare mounted on the driver's side fender, it is also true that a great many of the 'Special Ordered' "Fleet Trucks" did come with the spare mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle. And of course the dealer would do anything to please a customer and make a sale.

Howerver, that being said, I'd put it on the driver's side, if it does not cause a problem with exiting and entering for the driver. With most 'issues' that develop during driving being with the 'gas/electrical' source, accessing the passenger side of the engine compartment to assess possible gas/electrical problems is MUCH easier WITHOUT a spare tire getting in the way.

Both of my Model A's have dual mounted 'Twin Spares', in both fenders. However, I have often thought about leaving the passenger side spare unmounted, so as to make accessing the engine compartment easier.
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