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Default Re: Transmission oil shields

The oil baffles associated with the front and rear ball bearings are two different sizes. The front is larger than the rear.

Also keep in mind there is an early set and a later set. The early set were both slightly smaller in diameter that the later set. The reason for the change is because the housing was changed from a machined bearing stop to a snap ring stop. Ford then saw a need to make the baffles slightly larger in diameter to control oil leakage.

This has created a problem within the Model A hobby. It is difficult to tell the difference between the early and the late baffles. If you install the later baffles in an early housing with the machined stops it will jam up the transmission. And beware! Suppliers only sell the later baffles.

Most people overhauling a transmission today install sealed bearings, so there is actually no need for the baffles to control oil. However, they should always be installed for dimensional reasons.

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