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Default Re: Difficult selling on barn?

I have been trying to sell on here for years. All good quality stuff. I didn't save any junk, or swap meet cast-offs. I have sold very little. Repeat VERY LITTLE. Selling on e-pay is fine, if you want to give them 30% of the sell off the top, and sell it for their "recommended" price, then ship it for their idea of the shipping cost, then have the guy "reject" the part, and have them pull the money out of your account. Now the part is gone, and so is your money.
At my age, I am trying to get rid of everything, so my wife isn't saddled with this chore. At least I have a friend who hauls junk for a sideline, and he has a big grin every time I invite him to my house. Much primo stuff has been scrapped, including NOS stuff.
As for the guy who thinks everyone is a ripoff artist, it's a buyer beware thing, just like everything else. Ever bought a brand new car, and a few days later you realized it didn't match up to the TV commercials?
How about buying chinese reproduction parts? Can you say ANYTHING good about that?
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