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Default Re: New Radiator, Berg vs Brassworks

I used a Bergs replacement last winter due to having a problem with an undersized aftermarket 2 row core radiator . Brassworks is the only 2 row I am aware of that is a good working 2 row radiator.

If ordering from Brassworks insure you thoroughly read and and follow all the info on their website. Call them to insure you understand, and ask any questions before ordering. Brassworks, there have been past reports of minor fitment issues, and incorrectly sized inlet/outlets - am unsure if these have been corrected. Some models of Brassworks are made to Ford prints, and can be used on cars being judged.

I went with Bergs, never a report of a problem with them, and wanted something absolutely drop in replaceable, no fitment or mounting modifications needed. So far is working great, but waiting for hot weather to confirm no issue on my recently rebuilt motor.
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