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Default Re: They're Still Out There

Originally Posted by itslow View Post
Stop being Chicken Little.

As noted previously, an unrestored T isn't "barely worth scrap steel value now". And when did they ever command a high dollar? As long as I can recollect, A's, B's, and every later model year has been worth more in a like condition; in some cases substantially so.

The sky is not falling.
I'm on your side. The rust buckets and jalopys of yore are getting the attention of those who can fill their desires for collectibles. See Velocity Channel on the weekends.

The 'T' Model Ford, by the end of its run, was lets say, not appreciated. Today the brass ones are climbing. The Black edition has been just too prevalent. As far as using them. Stock. Its mostly a matter of them using you, to maintain and drive (don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy the 'tinkering', fussing, safety checks, adjustments and grease rags) Fun as that is, more fun is had making it stroll down the road, or gobble up a hill. Point is, more toy than car.

That ramble brings me to the main point. Cars are cars, collectibles are collectibles. I suspect that a large portion of us Barners are in the car lover category. Down the road of these cars, yes, may come a time when they wont be acceptable for use, despite perfection. They will still be bought and sold.
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