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Default Re: They're Still Out There

Originally Posted by itslow View Post
Stop being Chicken Little.

As noted previously, an unrestored T isn't "barely worth scrap steel value now". And when did they ever command a high dollar? As long as I can recollect, A's, B's, and every later model year has been worth more in a like condition; in some cases substantially so.

The sky is not falling.
When my roadster is done this spring, I am on the hunt for a T. I want one with an OHV conversion and Buffalo wires.

I agree with you and stop with this chicken little nonsense.

Some dudes need to expand their horizons a little more.

Hot rodding and old Fords are the hot ticket right now. No, they aren't selling on Fordbarn or in Hemmings, but if you get hooked up with the hot rod circles on Instagram and the like, there is an entire other world fooling with these cars and buying up any and all that are decent.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. TROG and the like have given this hobby a much needed shot in the arm.

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