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Default Re: They're Still Out There

Originally Posted by HDowse View Post
My Fordor price was $20K three years ago. The brakes, wiring, carb, fuel pump, dizzy all needed rebuilding. Same deal, been in the family for years, lots of original paperwork,including the various owner's gas and oil records in one of those thin, narrow Motor Books right back to the first fill up. I offered $15 and we split the difference. Folks can't believe it's all original inside, 43,000 miles and one paint job forty years ago. Sure hope you get the car. BTW, mine came with the 4:11 rear, did you check on yours? Great for the NH and VT hills but 50-55 is tops for speed.
I believe you did quite well threes years ago with your Fordor. Being (now)2019 and it being a Fordor, I doubt it would reach that money now.
Good for you!
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