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Default Re: 1940 convertible restoration started

Originally Posted by Ken/Alabama View Post
Bolt it rigid to the frame then go from there.
I am currently doing a high end restoration of a 40 convertible. This will be my sixth? Ken is absolutely correct in his advice to bolt the body directly to the frame when installing floors, aligning doors, etc.

Do NOT do anything more than a few tack welds "here and there" until you have the doors fitting properly, the trunk lid fitting properly and last but certainly not least, the top bows fitting properly. You also need to check carefully the "width" of the body at the "B" pillar.
Yep, a certain pain in the butt to do correctly. However, if you don't the car will never be "right" and when you attempt to align the sheet metal later in you will long live to regret any impatience at the prep level.
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