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tbirdtbird; post #5: "Isn't there a city in China named Usa ?"

Anybody been to MOSCOW ?

. . . . How far is it from BOISE ?

Unfortunately for me, I have been a 19" & 21" tire collecter (some say 'hoarder') since 1955, so have a quite a few tires from the 1930's, '40's,'50's & '60's. I believe that by the end of the 1970's, both Wards and Sears had stopped selling their 19" & 21" tires.

In the 1950's & '60's, when a young lad, there were only two easily available tires to choose from for my '28 Chevy, and later my '28 Ford - The SEARS ROEBUCK "Allstate" and the Montgomery Wards 'Riverside'. I NEVER liked the tread design of the Sears Allstate, but really did like the Wards Riverside. I put Wards Riverside tires on all my cars.

So I don't have any experience with Allstate, but I can tell you that after 50 years, my Wards Riverside tires still look good. But I like my Goodyear 'Diamond Tread' tires from 1950 best of all. As has been said earlier; good old fashion MADE IN AMERICA - and RUBBER !
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