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FWIW: Just one (1) opinion:

Something else seldom discussed, while on new tires.

I have about fifteen (19) "original" Model A wheels which I tested for wobbling ...... only (1) passed the less than 1/8" test.

1. Can anyone imagine the accuracy of our much discussed accurate front end toe-in alignment, while using most of our similar wobbling original wheels?

2. Can anyone imagine setting an accurate recommended plus or minus 1/32" toe-in setting for front end alignment with our wobbling wheels which change measurements as the wheels rotate?

3. Can anyone imagine accurate camber testing with our wobblers?

4. Couple our wobblers with the often mentioned "Model A curtain rod front end alignment" and we are wondering why our Model A tires do not last as long as our modern cars with straight, non-wobbling wheels which have been accurately aligned.

Maybe something to consider prior to purchasing "new" tires ??????
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