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I was very disappointed with the last set of Firestones I mounted.Less than one year and they were full of cracks.The car is stored in what I would call a climate controlled room.The owner has a workout room,the temp and humidity is kept at exact levels 24/7.The tires were not old,they were picked up from the tire dealer at Hershey,with the latest date code at the time.I have a set of Universals on my pickup that I installed about 10 years ago.I like the look,they are wearing like iron,and no signs of cracking.I have some 20 year old Insa's that are not wearing well,they are very soft,but have no cracks either.Somebody brought up the fact that the non-cracking tires are made in the countries that real rubber is native to,I don't know if it really has anything to do with it or not,but it sounded good.
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