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Default Re: Tell me this noise isn't what I'm afraid it is.

In the mean time, Pepe and I have been doing our road trips on my favorite motorcycle. OK, it's my ONLY motorcycle. OK, maybe you wouldn't actually call it a motorcycle. It's a Honda CT70 trail bike replica made in China but with a larger 90 CC engine. (Actually, a glorified Tote Goat, if you remember them.) I affectionately call it my "Chinese Junk" (and so it is). Lights went out on our last trip Thursday and, after several hours trying to fix them yesterday, I couldn't fix them so put the thing back into storage for some future day. I'll just hold my breath now for Old Henry to get us back "On the Road Again".

This picture from our last road trip Thursday that finished the thing off. OK, so I'm 10 lbs over its weight limit. Good thing I put heavier springs on the back.

Yeah, how proud we were (Pepe and me) to be leading the expedition including my sister on her 150 scooter, my daughter on her 175 trail bike, and my son and his girlfriend on his 300 road bike.

Made it to the top of Alpine Loop. Saw some beautiful yellow quaking aspens. Had to pull over a lot to let the faster cars go by.

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