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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I honestly don't know what some might consider me, my truck.
I'm a one vehicle guy, flathead engine but on the way to a t-5 transmission. Original flies and bees still jammed between the dash and the front windshield.
One of my posts upset someone (not sure if he was a moderator or not) who asked me to post my questions someplace else. While the other guys were in defense of my future change to a mostly stock 49 F-1.
So I'm going to ask the people who run this site to decide if I belong here or not.
Check my history which will give you a good description of my vehicle ( the determining factor) and If you feel I don't fit in, please block my user name or let me know that I have passed the line with my truck and I'll figure things out someplace else. But keep in mind that I have no mentor and all my knowledge over the past 6 months has come from this site only.
Mechanically Inclined but not Auto Familiar
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