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Default Re: Hey Fellas... LETS ALL GET ALONG

I am one of the newest members on here, and stumbled across it by accident. It is to me the best Ford forums site that I have ever seen, in the way it is organized, the wealth of information available, and the quality and caliber of members. There is an extreme wealth in information here that NEEDS to be handed down or passed on, to keep this hobby, or for me "addiction" going into future generations. No one needs to leave the site, all that needs to be done is for common sense to prevail.

There is nowhere on earth that you could buy a book, or a set of books that would contain half of the information that is available here simply by asking a question, AND, there is still a tremendous amount of information yet to come. The right questions just haven't been asked yet. This information comes from experience, trial and error, it's locked in minds, it's written down on old notes, and it comes from parts manufacturers and suppliers.

I am definitely not an expert on anything, but have been messing with old cars since I was 13, actually earlier, I was driving my own car at 13, that's 56 years now. I have two shoeboxes and a bunch of tablets of notes that I have kept since the beginning, and I have learned a bunch here in the short time I have been a member.

Common sense = post what the forum is for = the forums will be around for everyone = you gained some knowledge without having to go thru the trials and errors = money and time saved for you.

Trial and error = experience which = knowledge.

A day without learning something is a wasted day, SO:
Everyone get along and we will all be able to get a second education.
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