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Default Re: Front one piece seal 8ba

Glad you brought this back, I was going to also to cover a few more items!

When you install the sleeve on the crank (up against the oil slinger) make certain the key for the timing gear doesn't contact the sleeve and keep it from bottoming out like it should. The slinger is also "keyed" but the key itself may be a bit too long (photo below), this area needs close scrutiny!

Originally Posted by 3twinridges View Post
Hate to hi-Jack the thread but I saw this and have worried about ever since I built my engine. I didnít seal the shaft for the sleeve. Any thoughts Gofast on that, pull the pulley and try to seal at the end before reinstalling the pulley?

There are two ways to help seal up that area, one may be a very "narrow" rubber "O" ring, the other is a thin bead of "The Right Stuff" along the rim of the damper just before installing it, this is how we prefer to do it here!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. Here's a close-up of the area I'm speaking of, it shows just how close the key, the slinger and the sleeve really are, we "trimmed" that key to clear it all.
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