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Default Re: shavings found in light switch body

@joe K: So you guys are suggesting the someone tried to put a twilight plate on top of the H style contact? That explains why it was so difficult to get the light switch at the steering wheel to make sense when trying to get lights to work.

It doesn't explain the "shavings" i found in the 'switch body" when iI pulled it part though. Although fitting to incompatible parts together can result in shavings ;-0

@Bob C: Yes I found those measurements when I checked the parts with my calipers!

I forgot - I actually did get the twolight switch body from Snyders when I got the harness. So I should be able to take the new body and match it up to the twolight plate that was mistakenly put on! The only thing I lose is the H contact and I lose a bit of authenticity?

If that is the case I am wondering if the two light switch body will be compatible with the light rod ending that must enter the body and fit the slots in the contact plate?

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