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Default Re: shavings found in light switch body

Originally Posted by Joe K View Post
I'm not sure how you got to that information with the picture given: I have an early 4 contact switch body in front of me and externally I believe they all look the same.

HOWEVER, look at the other side. If the switch contactor has 4 contacts then its a "type H" or early switch. If it has three contacts, then it is a later "Twolight" switch.

Looking at his switch plate, it appears to be a Twolight (three contacts in succession, one set three each for battery, tail-light, and the "parking, Low, and High" beams.

The type H switch plate is different and has contacts "alternately" with clear spots.

You can't use a Type H switch contactor against a Twolight switch plate, and converse.

Joe K
Look at the small dimple @ 11;00 o`clock, only the 1928 mid to late had that style and that mark..
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