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Default shavings found in light switch body

Hi All,
I've been off the grid for a while but now back and looking to replace the wire harness in the old 28-29 Sport Coupe.

I disconnected all the wiring and removed the light switch body. After removing the end of the harness from the body (Spider) I found shavings (see attach.) in the light switch body (see attachment)

I did not see any damage to any part of the light switch body internally or to the harness contacts.

I was worried that the light rod or parts were damaged in some way but the light rod turns freely 360 degrees and there is no impediment to its movement.

I have not taken the rod out but a cursory inspection of the end shows no damage to these neophyte eyes.

The shavings explain the intermittent shorting I was having when trying to add signals last year.

I am worried that although removing the shavings removes the cause of the shorting out it will not remove the cause of the shavings themselves.

I appreciate any input as to what the source of the shavings is.

1928 Sport Coupe
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