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Nothing really makes me want to show my cars. However, there are 5 very small town within a hour of me and if they put one on I will pit a few in just to support the community. Having a cruise included is a plus for me. No judging or prizes is a HUGE plus for me. This hobby is NOT a competition IMO. If there is judging, I wont enter. Don't need nor want the approval of others. Now, having said that, I AM planning on taking "Henry" (the truck in my avatar) to a show this coming weekend that is an 8 hour drive from here. It's a large show that typically gets 1100-1200 cars. The only reason I'll go is because a buddy of mine (best man at my wedding) is heavily involved in it and it's more of an excuse to go for a visit. Well, that and "Henry" could use a little exercise before winter.
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