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Default Re: Sequence for tightening of fan belts 8BA

I tighten the generator/pump belt first by inserting my cresent wrench handle under the generator right against the front bracket so the end is on the intake manifold bracket under the front of the generator (see photo) then push down the end of the wrench to "pry" the generator up as tight as I want the belt and hold it there while tightening the bolt that holds it in place. It takes very little effort with that much leverage. No special jig or tool required. Just simple leverage. That belt is the more critical for tightness since it runs both water pumps and the generator. The fan belt I tighten by just pulling up on the fan while tightening one of the bolts that holds it in place. Again, doesn't take much effort to just lift the fan up. It's not heavy like the generator is. Then I can quit pulling up on the fan and tighten the other bolt. I don't think the tightness of that belt is as critical as the other that I get tighter by "prying" the generator up.

As Seth said, do not overtighten. I had a mechanic overtighten mine and burned out my front generator bearing.

Ford's instructions:

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