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Default Re: Cutting domes in 21 stud aluminum heads?

Originally Posted by DavidG View Post
From what I see on ebay and HAMB, heads for dome top pistons with either 48 or 68 part number prefixes aren't scarce.
Being that the original poster said he has aluminum heads but want's to cut down iron.

Aluminum 21 stud heads aren't dropping out of trees. Well not any trees I know anyway.

h&h did a few runs on finned aluminum 21s with the heads up front. about $1,200, if you could get them. Maybe that's changed. But only current source I know.... that may not exists anymore.

Guess maybe an option..

"The Eddie Meyer 21 Stud Cylinder Heads are made to fit the 1932-36 Flatheads. They are for flat top or dome pistons (please specify when ordering). The are manufactured in the USA. 8.25 to 1 compression ratio."


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