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Default Accessories & Parts

City: Long Island
State: New York
Price: See Listin

For sale:
>1930-'31 Cowl Light Arm, original, needs plating $5;
>Fog Light, KD890, 6" diameter, excellent chrome plating, 6V-8V amber sealed beam, tested & it works, includes spare amber sealed beam, 6V - 8V GE 4012A. Looks to be a new light. $40;
>Zenith Carburetor, 1928 Holley Double Venturi, original numbered jets, new double venturi, disassembled, good castings, $100 was $130;
>Dome Light, octagonal shape, 1920s & 1930s vintage, excellent used condition, $25 was $40;
>Alternator Mounting Set, good used condition, includes bracket to attach alternator to the engine block with bolts and tension pad, $10 was $20;
>Oil Breather Flip-Top Cap Accessory, used vintage original, $20 was $25;
>Door Handle, original exterior non-locking, fits 45B, 50B, 55B, 82B & 130B, $25;
>Door handle, original exterior non-locking scroll type, fits 68C, 160A, 160B, 160C, 190A & 400A, $45 was $50;

>Door Dovetails, male, offset mounting holes, pair, nickle plated, new, fits slant windshield cars, left & right set, $15 was $20;
>Coil Mounting Bracket, aftermarket, new, $2;
>Connecting Rods, Model "A", set of 5, used, $30;
>Connecting Rods, Model "B", set of 4, used, $50;
>Kick Panel Retaining Clips, set of 2, new reproductions, $5;
>Radiator Emblem, 1931 stainless steel oval, nice new reproduction, $15;
>Timing Gear, used original for show & tell, $2;
>Water Outlet Casting, 1928-'29, 5.38 high, used original, $25;
>Water Drain Pipe Petcock, used original, $15
>License Plate Clamps, 1929-'31 original, nice condition, $15 pair
>Accessory Cigar Ash Tray, needs a new suction cup, $7
>Fan, original 4-blade, good condition, $25
>Tail Light Lens, red, original Model "T", $20;
>Tail Light Lens, red & amber 1930-'31, like new high quality reproduction, $10;
>Restorer & Model "A" News Magazines, issues dating to 1967, $10 per bundle by year.
I have many more Model "A" parts, but no sheet metal. Please inquire if you need something not listed.
Will email photos of items to serious buyers. Buyer pays additional cost of shipping via US Post Office to CONUS only. Payment by check or US Post Office money order.
Contact Bob at __________________
Bob Bidonde

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