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Originally Posted by hardtimes View Post
Hey Jack,
A machinist who knows and has proper equipment can use bronze bushings in the stock (worn) block bearing areas(3). After the bushings are pressed in, they must be reamed to fit whatever the cam specs are. The block is measured with inside caliper / mike. I do not think that this is a job for amateur, but wouldn't be surprised if someone has done this job. I only knew J Steele to have offered this service. Sure the cast iron wears. Compensated for by building up cam bearings or bushing blk as said.

Oh, and if you buy a Donovan alum 4 cyl block, they used chev 350 cam bushings for that purpose, I've been informed.
Schwalms Babitted Bearings in Pennsylvania installs bronze bushings in the block and align reams them to the correct clearance. I had this done for my new Stipe cam.
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