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Default Re: RE-VIST....Who makes the "Best" Tubes????

There was a request by John Buckley earlier in this thread for a source of motorcycle tubes. I just bought five 4.50-5.00 x 19 tubes from Motorcycle Superstore. The cost with shipping was under $10.00 each. These have a regular 5/16" threaded metal stem. NOT original A style. These are very stout tubes. I use them on my XR-750 racing H.D. on mile and half mile clay ovals where I am putting 75 h.p to the ground through one tire at over 100 m.p.h. and sliding sideways at the same time. Rather rough duty. I have them on my 30 Murray Fordor and they have been standing up just fine. I add a couple of 5/16" brass flat washers inside and outside the hole in the A rim to keep some of the rain and dirt out. Two nuts come with the tubes and I tighten those nuts on both sides of the washers. My car is a daily driver and essentially unrestored. Just rolling down the road listening to the body wood fall apart!
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