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Default Re: RE-VIST....Who makes the "Best" Tubes????

Hi Rusty,

If one looks at headlight sockets in "all" U. S, vendor catalogs, Bratton's may be the "only" one where Mr. Bratton spelled out headlight socket "quality"; i.e., "foreign" made as opposed to having customers expecting sockets made in U. S. A. & made to exact Ford heavy duty specifications.

Archives in all years are full of messages saying all repro sockets are pure junk & to re-use only original sockets -- in not having good originals, I asked Mr. Bratton about his repro sockets -- he said in the past (7) years of selling his particular "current" brand of headlight sockets, he heard of no complaints & no sockets were returned for a refund.

Trusted his response, & ordered some of his foreign made repros & they are still working great. Did not have to alter them prior to installation, like that mentioned so often in archive messages.

Sincerely hope this helps to answer your question.
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