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Default Re: RE-VIST....Who makes the "Best" Tubes????

And, with the thousands of "past" messages on Model A Forums, (repeated over & over), not to use "NEW" headlight sockets, I also called Mr. Bratton for his advice, just in case he was trying products from a "NEW" responsible headlight socket manufacturer.

Guess what? .......... Just like he promised, his "NEW" headlight sockets work just as great as his "NEW" inner tubes.

And in trying to be fair, I have sought similar advice on parts from Phil & Steve at Bert's & those at Snyder's & others, and always received sincere, truthful advice.

These guys know one another & communicate either directly among themselves, or indirectly through parts manufacturers -- they all have & drive Model A's.

In my opinion, we are just blessed with honest Model A Parts Vendors with a high degree of integrity who strive to maintain outstanding professionalism.

Furthermore, if in a bind, all it takes is a 1-800 toll free phone call.
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