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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Consideration of farming families and farm workers.

We have had fires in the south east of Australia and drought in the north east. Well the drought area had record breaking rain which flooded much of that area. Too much rain and now flooding has occurred and many have lost considerable amounts of cattle. Up to half a million head. TV shows what was mobs of cattle that were all huddled together all drowned.
Farming and grazing has many crisis and if none of the above it is prices that at times are less than the cost of production. Families can find it terribly difficult financially and mentally. At times of extreme they simply cannot feed themselves.
This occurrence is not isolated to Australia. Itís almost world wide, maybe with the exception of Europe where they are heavily subsidised. Whilst our farmers here are subsided too it is strictly and only for the transport of fodder during drought.
There is one thing you can do. When you sit to eat just be grateful to the farmer who produced this food where ever it originated.
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