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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

In 1982 I had moved back to California from Washington State.

I was living in Chico, California at the time and had just got back from driving my September 1929 Standard Coupe from Washington to California.

So one day I decided to take the car to a car wash station along the Esplinade in Chico to give it a good washing off.

While I was drying off the coupe a little old lady came walking by and stopped to look the car.

All of a sudden she asks me "Young man, does this car have a rumble seat in the back?". I said "Yes it does...would you like to see it?". She said yes so I opened it up for her to look at.

You should of seen the look on her face when I opened it up...At that moment she said "Young man that brings back a lot of memories for would not beleive how much fun I had back in that seat in those days as a young woman". I just smiled and said with a smile..."I bet you did".


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