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Default Re: Nationwide Single Car Transport, Open or Enclosed

Hello Everyone,

I have two options available for transports for February as I have a car of my own waiting in the southwest & it doesn't matter which of these two trips I get it on.

1st spot available for the week of February 3rd is a spot from the Colorado/ Kansas area back to Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, etc. OR from that same area down to the Southern California/ Arizona area

This trip will be with the Featherlite single car aluminum Open trailer with a large air dam on the front to prevent stone chips.

2nd spot available will be from Southern California/ Arizona back to the Eastern half of the country for mid/late February. I can be very Liberal as to the delivery location in the Eastern half of the country because I always have many vehicles waiting for me to get them.

This trip will be with the Ameri-Lite aluminum single car ENCLOSED trailer. This is an actual vehicle trailer with a drive in rear door & dove tail rear for easily loading the lowest of vehicles.

Depending on whichever of these spots fill first, I will then pickup my car on the other one!

I have 3.5 million accident free transport miles over the past 36 years. Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback/ references posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do NOT post my own feedback! ... ed.614419/

I do not take deposits or charge for unloaded miles as I build my trucks for excellent fuel mileage & have a very large customer base which means I very rarely have to dead head very far

I actually do EVERY transport I post for as they are fill in spots as part of larger trips.

Give me a call, Email or P.M. for a cash on delivery price quote.

Thank You & God bless
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