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Default Re: 1933 can't start after recent restart

Originally Posted by Mart View Post
I'd recommend turning the cam. I know you can't with the gear as it is, but there must be a reason why the gear stripped it's teeth. There may be a sticking valve or some other reason that may have caused an extra load on the cam and stripped the gear teeth. If you can turn the cam by hand you can first of all see if it stops before making a complete turn, but also check that the turning force to open all valves is more or less equal.

I was thinking the same thing when I read your post. One piece of information Frank is going to need is what torque should it take to turn the cam (after the initial break away torque). My GUESS would be about 10 pounds but that is JUST A GUESS since I have never had a reason to measure it (or even try it). Does anyone else have a better number (please post it)? After Frank removes the gear he could replace the nut and turn the shaft with a torque wrench. He will probably need a spacer below the nut, maybe the old gear with all of the teeth removed?

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