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Default Re: 1933 can't start after recent restart

Originally Posted by DavidG View Post

It can take it up to a point as what you are doing is slightly rotating the rear of the transmission in the rubber ring in the center of the rear motor/transmission mount attached to the center cross member. The output shaft on the end of the transmission is attached directly to the universal joint on the front of the driveshaft so movement there is not a problem (within limits, of course).

If you are concerned about distorting the rear motor/transmission mount, you could loosen the two hex head bolts that attach the mount to the center cross member. Unfortunately, access to those bolts requires the removal of the V-shaped sheet metal panel that covers up the top of the transmission and forms part of the floor. I would not do that unless you are absolutely unable to achieve enough space to rotate the front motor mount bracket clear of the ledges on the timing gear cover after you remove the two rubber and steel motor mount insulators from the front cross member.
even if I removed the engine the bracket is still trapped between the ledges on the timing cover and crank pulley and the oil pain top flang.
It looks like only the pulley removal would release the bracket.
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