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Default Re: Yes, they are still out there NUMBER 2

Tinker,JIMTN,Ken Alabama, I talked to several Columbia people and did call Johnny out in California today. I told Johnny the whole story about car and how well the Columbia worked. Johnny said not to take it out if it was working well, not making noise and if I was not speed shifting. He told me all the things that could go wrong but with practical driving it should be fine. I did check the oil level again today and it was up to the fill plug in the banjo. My car rear axle has two fill plugs and he said to use the highest one to check level.
NEXT, after driving car yesterday I noticed two wet rusty streaks in the engine compartment. Both water pumps are now throwing water from behind the pulley, this is another item I have not had repaired, I will call Skip and ask him time line on the repair of pumps, need to drive car in at least one Christmas parade the 13TH of December.
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